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Caricature A1 boards for best man speech

How to spice up your wedding day best man’s speech   I got a call asking me to produce 10 individual scenes from a best man’s speech on A1 foamed board. What a great idea! The best man had these boards numbered and on an easel. He then talked through the top 10 moments of […]

Caricature of my buddy Colin

Getting back into the studio I thought I would sketch in Photoshop from a photo I had of my bud Colin. I chose to keep it mono as I wanted it to look dark. I just used the paintbrush 24 which comes standard in photoshop and started with a grey background, blocking in the darks […]

Wokingham Caricaturist in Venice

I have just returned from a fantastic trip to Venice. My first visit and hopefully not my last. It’s an amazing place with a romantic feel and I expected to find a lot of caricaturists but managed to find only one! I always try and have my caricature done when abroad, it’s really nice to […]

Cats Caricatures

This is the setup I had for the Cats Protection Charity bash the other weekend. It was pretty good, I was busy most of the time and raised some money for the charity. I was sent a copy of a local paper which featured one of my subjects and caricatures! Don’t know which paper it […]

Wedding Caricature – which do you prefer?

I was playing with an alternative to my normal wedding caricature designs. Normally I draw black and white which are the fastest – between 6 – 8 mins using a Tombo brush pen for black giving me thick and thin outlines and then Copic markers for the grey tint as seen in option A. Then […]

Big Caricature for 216 Parachute Regiment

  This was a real treat, so many different characters in one picture! The client sent photos and details on each of the guys in the caricature and from those I created line drawings then scanned in and coloured up in Photoshop. This was to be a special leaving present presented to the regiment on […]

At last Wokingham caricaturist goes into hiding!

  Well, the last caricature by post was received today in a Bank in Fenchurch Street London, so now I can hang up my tablet pen and go down the pub! With the usual Christmas rush for Caricature Gift items I found myself busy right up to the last minute this year, coupled with the […]

Caricature Present by Post

Christmas is a busy time for a caricaturist both in the studio and at live events. Caricatures make ideal gifts, they are personal and are kept pride of place amongst most loved items. Caricatures are ideal for every age group, so if you don’t have Grandma anything order NOW! This was a recent present for […]

Caricature Bookings for Christmas Already!

Can it really be that people are booking for Christmas already? I guess it’s that time of year, seems to come round quicker each year. If you haven’t got anything exciting going on at your business Christmas party and your business is in Wokingham, Berkshire or London why not give me a call.   I […]