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Telephone me: 0779 555 2429...............See me on facebook: www.facebook.com/FaceblokeCaricatures

Caricature Gifts

What's it about?

Caricatures make ideal gifts for all sorts of occasions and they can fit in with any budget. Here are some of the more regular commissions I get: 

  • Birthdays
  • Leaving Gift
  • Retirement Gifts
  • Anniversary Gift
  • Wedding Gift

I offer a wide range of caricature styles which will accommodate all budgets, here is a rough guide to the style options:


  • A = 'Real Life' caricature painting, due to the time this is the most expensive
  • B = The most frequently ordered, this is done digitally and builds a picture of the person to make it more personal. 
  • C = Digital 'Head & Shoulder' caricature only
  • D = Traditional Paper Caricature (as I would draw live) Full Colour Head and Shoulders. 
  • E = Traditional Paper Caricature (as I would draw live) Mono Head and Shoulders

How do I order?

Firstly choose which style you think will fit your budget and gift, email me with your idea so I can give you a firm quotation - the price is based on time, so for example if you want style E one person no background it would be £10 - however if you want 2 people and a dog it would cost more. Once you are happy with the quotation the following follow the simple steps below:

  1. Send me your good and recent photos with any additional notes - allow a week or more. 
  2. I will produce the caricature and email you back with low resolution version for you to view (it will have copyright all over it). 
  3. Once signed off, I will print / email / post or frame the final version for you. 

Please note I don't post framed pictures due to the potential of broken frames, but I can post the caricature for you to frame. 

I can accept payment from credit cards, Paypal or direct transfer.