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Well, the last caricature by post was received today in a Bank in Fenchurch Street London, so now I can hang up my tablet pen and go down the pub! With the usual Christmas rush for Caricature Gift items I found myself busy right up to the last minute this year, coupled with the live events it’s been a great month!


After Christmas I can post the artwork that I have done this month (can’t do it yet otherwise I may spoil some surprises on December 25th!), there have been some great subjects which have been fun to draw.


There may be one more live session to do, someone has asked me to do a charity caricature live event on Christmas day – hmm if I am around and sober I may well pop down and do a turn….watch this space.


Happy Christmas to all my loyal customers, thanks for allowing me to do what I love and make money at the same time……..