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Anniversary or Celebration?

What's it about?

Whether you are celebrating a milestone anniversary ,BBQ or birthday  I can entertain your guests with some fun caricatures. I've worked in houses, gardens, pubs and restaurants so location is no problem, it takes me just 5 minutes to set up and I am ready to draw people!   

During the drawing process I'll happily chat to your guests, I have lots of funny stories to tell and it becomes part of the entertainment to help relax people whilst I draw but also it's nice for me to get to know them. 

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What time works best on the day?

It depends on the number of people and whether you want black and white caricatures or full colour which take a little longer per person. Take a look at the different options and then work out roughly what you think will work for you - I'm happy to help so feel free to give me a call to discuss times etc. 

What caricature options are available?

Black and white or full colour?

The first thing to decide is whether you want black and white (with tone) or full colour. Both are very popular and it is really down to personal choice (see examples). Black and white is the fastest taking on average 3-4 minutes per person and full colour a little longer 6-7. 

Digital or traditional ?

Next is whether you want digital or traditional style caricatures.

Digital caricatures I draw on my Ipad or Surface, it's still done by hand but the image will be saved as a digital file. Once the drawing is done (your guests can watch what I am drawing on the picture framed screen) i'll turn my Ipad around and show the guests, then i'll send the file to print onto a glossy postcard which the guest can take away. All the files from the day can be saved and uploaded after the event to a storage area for people to access and download. 

Traditional caricatures I sketch on A4 paper (unless you request A3), the paper has a nice border pre-printed so the caricature is framed. Once complete I show the drawing then roll up and put an elastic band around to make it easier to carry. Some people have asked me to keep all the pictures back, so I show them (most people take a photo on their phones) then i'll get them to write their name on the back and they go in a tray - This allows the hosts to see/scan all the images before sending them out themselves.

Set up or walking around? 

Mostly for parties people have me set up in a designated area, this way I can have the pull-up display next to me which shows what I do along with the time  I'll be working until. I can work anywhere with a small table or a few chairs or in the bar area. I also have my own chairs for setting up in a garden or outside in the summer time. I often get an informal queue forming which is great as people chat to each other and watch me draw, often heckling etc - all part of the fun! 

I also draw 'on the hoof', walking around drawing which is often used in my corporate gigs where i'll work around diners whilst they are sat eating or move around groups and mingle drawing as I go. If I am walking and drawing I cannot offer full colour or A3. This works if your celebration is in a restaurant or pub. 

Framed Caricatures


Framed Caricature

A framed caricature for the focus of attention makes a great gift!