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Caricature Presentation

It’s sometimes hard to find the right present to capture a mood and some history along with a dash of humour! Well, my caricature for a couple who were retiring after long happy service at a golf club seemed to do the trick. The couple Barry and Kathy were surrounded by around 200 people when […]

Caricature Winter Preperation

Caricature Gifts for Christmas At this time of year I get a lot of studio caricature work, Secret Santa, Christmas Presents and the like. I offer caricatures from as little as £25, not to bad for something that is very personal and will be kept for years to come.   Pay by credit card – […]

Facebloke Caricatures at Legoland Hotel Windsor

What a great place to have a kids party, Legoland Hotel and Resort asked me to come along and caricature for them at a booked kids party. It’s the first time I’ve been to the hotel and I must say I was impressed!   Themed rooms, loads of lego and busy with hundreds of kids […]

St Anne’s Manor caricatures

What a great venue for a wedding in Berkshire, I was drawing at St Anne’s Manor on Sunday and it was really nice. There were a lot of visitors and interest in caricatures at weddings and I managed to get lots of sample caricature drawings done for people to see. Capturing that ‘certain look’ is […]

Taplow House Hotel Sketch

I was asked to draw a pencil sketch of Taplow House Hotel, it had to be done quick as it was a gift for a senior staff member who was moving on.  As long as I am drawing whether it is funny faces or more serious things I consider myself very fortunate – so this […]


Caricature Wedding Pictures

Another day another fantastic wedding. I love being a special guest on these really fun occasions, I get to draw caricatures of young middle aged and those with tons of life experience! It’s a good opportunity for grandparents to have a caricature done with the grandkids. I get groups of lads and ladies too, it […]

The Thinker – a caricature by facebloke

  This studio caricature was ordered for a chap who is in our military, he is leaving his unit and as a gift they got together to order this caricature. He is known as ‘the thinker’ so naturally I was inspired by Rodin’s famous sculpture. I was given lots of smaller details to add in […]

Birthday Caricature

Another studio caricature created a while ago but kept off the site as it was for a birthday present. This was created with a mix of good old pen and paper then scanned in and coloured up with digital paint.   The feedback was fantastic, the client found it difficult to keep hold of the […]

A personal gift that lasts a lifetime

Want something that is unique to give as a present? Ben wanted to get his wife something that was personal and different from the norm. He gave me a list of features about his wife, likes, loves and favourite items and I set to work on a personalised caricature.   Ben phoned me the day […]