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The Modern Caricature Way

What's it about?

Digital caricatures are becoming very popular, especially with corporate clients. Digital can work for both live caricatures or for creating art for gifts. 

I use either my Microsoft Surface or Ipad Pro for my digital art, both utilise a pen and I draw in much the same way as I would with traditional materials but draw straight on to the device. This produces a caricature similar to my traditional methods but it's a digital version and so can be emailed, printed or edited using a computer. 

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Set up or walking around? 

Digital caricatures can be done in much the same way as traditional, I can walk round drawing or be located in an area and have people come to me. Even if I am walking and drawing it's still worthwhile having a general setup area for the printer and picture frame with power outlets available to run the screen (if required). 

How it works

So here is what happens with Digital 'Live'.

  • I draw using an Ipad Pro
  • I print onto glossy postcards
  • I upload all of the caricatures to the cloud which are available to download for a period of time

Framed Caricatures


A framed caricature makes an ideal corporate gift for people retiring or leaving in addition to birthdays.  


Digital Caricatures