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Getting back into the studio I thought I would sketch in Photoshop from a photo I had of my bud Colin. I chose to keep it mono as I wanted it to look dark. I just used the paintbrush 24 which comes standard in photoshop and started with a grey background, blocking in the darks and lights. I find it funny when I work on computer, the first thing people ask is “is there a tool you just click” arm, no it’s painting in exactly the same way as if I had a brush and canvas. The photo reference is open and a blank photoshop A4 page awaits the application of paint, there are no quick tools!


I like experimenting with all types of painting, from airbrush to pc and quick ball point pen sketches. I find the commission caricatures that people order by post are better done using the pc. It’s just easier to change something at the last minute and customers tend to like the vibrant colours when it’s all framed.


I must give thanks to all my willing victims – often I find myself in a Wokingham coffee shop sketching people, so if I ask you ‘would you mind if I draw your caricature’ please say YES, each face is unique and special to me. I had my oven cleaned by a company called OVENU and they did a really great job so I can recommend them, since then they have become regular sitters for my doodling – thanks guys!