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Caricaturing Live

Over the next few months you can see me work live and perhaps have your caricature done. Watch for yourself how much fun it is at any event. My next live venue is:

Working at Ferrari

I was recently asked to work at an event in Nottingham for Star Trust who were holding a splendid event to thank those involved with the trust. Event location was GrayPaul Ferrari!

So what better way to spend an evening than drawing caricatures sat next to my dream car – and it was the right colour!

Caricatures at Farrari 01 Caricatures at Farrari 02 Caricatures at Farrari 05

Trump Caricature

I have resisted for a while now doing a Trump caricature, but finally felt it had to be done….

Trump Caricature

Trump caricature by facebloke

Trump Toad of Toad Hall

Trump Towers

Christmas Silly Season For Berkshire Caricaturist

It always catches me by surprise, one minute it’s an age away and then i’m listening to Slade at corporate Christmas parties for what seems months! I love caricaturing at this time of year, everyone is ready for a few days off after slogging away for the year, the Christmas party offers a chance to let their hair down and look forward to time off.

I’ve not taken any photos to share from any parties this year, it’s just been too busy so here is a few from the past – My new year’s resolution is to take more photos of the places I work!

Caricatures by facebloke

Working in Whitewall Art Gallery Lichfield

Great venue last night Whitewall Galleries Lichfield

There was a private gathering of art lovers who were entertained by a living statue, singer and me whilst browsing some stunning works of art. What a fantastic place to draw caricatures surrounded by some of the world’s most talented artwork – I was in heaven! Whitewall galleries (link to facebook) are stunning places to visit, the staff really know the art world and are happy to help you even if you are new to buying art, there is also something for all budgets so I would urge you to visit Whitewall and see for yourself .


The spot I was drawing caricatures for the guests




Drawing Caricatures at an Indian Wedding ‘The Grand Hotel’ London

One of the things I love about my job is that I get invited to draw at so many different events. Recently I went along to a wonderful wedding venue in London – The Grand in Northumberland Avenue for a beautiful Indian wedding. I had already drawn a caricature of the husband and wife from photographs which I took along with me. The wedding planner directed me to where I would be working, this area was reserved for guests as they arrived, the picture shows me set up before it starts – trust me 10 minutes later there were hundreds of guests!

The caricatures went down really well, the queue was long and everyone had a great time, I was asked for my card a few times it must be something new at Indian weddings although I have done a few before.

The Grand hotel is such a splendid place, I would have loved to spend time looking round as each room looked amazing.

Caricatures at an Indian Wedding London

Caricatures at an Indian Wedding in London

Caricatures in Leeds Castle

What’s not to like about Leeds Castle for a wedding venue, when the general public are shut out and silence is only broken by nature it’s just spectacular and such a wonderful setting for a wedding. I was working in the Maidens Tower ironically in the drawing room and have to confess to loving this venue! I’ve stayed there but not in the actual Castle, they have what are cutely named stables which are smallish rooms overlooking the lake. My wife and I went on a hawk walk, fantastic walk through the grounds with a bird of prey following on the wing hunting.

As a wedding venue it’s truly stunning!

Leeds Castle, Caricatures ljwed3

Caricatures at the Elephant Hotel in Pangbourne

The Elephant Hotel, set in the bustling village of Pangbourne, beside the River Thames, minutes from the vibrant city of Reading, offers a return to the opulence of the Empire. This was the scene for me drawing caricatures at a wedding fair which showcased what the Elephant Hotel can offer.


I’ve worked here a few times and reports from the guests have always been very positive – so if you’re looking for a quirky location you should take a look it really is fun!

Elephant Hotel Pangbourne

Set up to draw at the Elephant Hotel, Pangbourne

Ipad Pro Caricatures

Apologies for not updating my post for a while, it’s been mad with weddings and corporate events lately. I’ve introduced technology to sit alongside my traditional pen and paper caricature drawings. I’ve wanted to do this for a while, but having tried the Surface, older Ipad and various other things I’ve never felt the same as I do when drawing on paper. However, after a visit to Apple in the Oracle and playing for the best part of a morning with the new Ipad Pro and Pen – well it’s just a step above and I had to have one.


After much fiddling and drawing I now have specific brushes which are similar to my traditional pens. Happy with the results I’ve done a couple of events and they seem to be well received :) When working live with Ipad Pro, I take a wireless printer with me so each person gets a postcard size picture but I can also hook up to a large screen so people can watch me draw. The beauty with tech though is that I also upload all the images to the cloud, provide guests with a link and they can go along and download the image digitally – so it doesn’t matter if you spill beer on your hard copy as the original is always available to download.


Below are a few examples of my black and white / colour Ipad Pro styles and here is a link if you want to see a video of Ipad Pro Sketching – Just me doing some evening practice sketches :-






If you want a quote for your party, corporate event or wedding please email me


A cut above

Hairdressers Indigo Rye celebrated Christmas in January this year, at a great central Reading location. I was booked to draw caricatures for them so I arrived a little early only to find a Hen Party in full swing in the bar area I was to set up! Whilst the Hens were necking cocktails I quietly set up ready for Indigo. After 5 mins one of the ladies wandered over and asked who I was – bursting out laughing she said they had all thought I was a stripper!! I suggested that they must have been relieved to find out I was a caricaturist :)

With the Hens moving on to their next club, the Indigo crowd arrived and I was in full drawing mode from the start, they were absolutely fantastic fun :)  I don’t remember stopping all night, but it went so quickly as they were all up for a laugh – they all had stunning hair cuts too, so if your looking for hairdressers give them a try.


Caricature art and Pen art Mix






For Christmas my wife kindly got me a great fountain pen and clutch pencil set. I had seen this guy at a local show in Bracknell he creates unique pens from wood or plastic. The designs are only limited by your imagination as he can use several different colours and types to create patterns and shapes. The quality of the work is second to none and the prices I thought very reasonable. I chose a light oak with an even lighter beech trim, the pen is well balanced and draws / writes really well. The pencil has a bit more width to the body and is nice to hold and sketch with. Pop over to his site and take a look at some of the wonderful designs he has created pensunique