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There's something nice about pen and paper!

What's it about?

Drawing on traditional paper is still something very special even in this technological age, it's like turning the pages of a book rather than reading on line! I draw on mostly A4 paper, but can if asked use A3 which is a lot bigger. When the drawing is done and I've shown it to the sitter it can be rolled up to make it portable. 

Although it's simple, no wires or tv screens, people can still watch me draw from behind so it still entertains those watching and there's something nice about a receiving a work of art on paper it allows it to be framed especially at the convenient A4 size.  

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What Pens do you use?

Through the year's I've gone through lots of different pens, like any artist I'm always trying new versions, but essentially they fall into 3 main types.

  1. Brush Pen for black lines, currently I use a Pentel Touch which seems to last longer than the Tombo brush pens, I can't get such a broad stroke so to back it up I use Faber Castell Pitt artist pen. 
  2. Shading I use blocks of graphite which last a lot longer than the grey marker pens I used to use. 
  3. Full colour I will use Prismacolour art stix. Unfortunately these are quite expensive and I think can only be purchased in the USA. 

The drawings will not smudge and can be framed easily.  



The paper is standard A4, it has a border printed on it so the caricature is framed, I can also print a message or add a logo to make it more personal, please allow a few days if you want me to overprint a message. 

As previously mentioned I can work on A4 or A3 paper. 

Caricature Gifts

Don't forget you can have a caricature drawn in either mono or full colour from a photograph, they are very reasonably priced and make excellent gifts! 


Traditional Paper Caricatures