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I have just returned from a fantastic trip to Venice. My first visit and hopefully not my last. It’s an amazing place with a romantic feel and I expected to find a lot of caricaturists but managed to find only one! I always try and have my caricature done when abroad, it’s really nice to meet others who do the same job, we have lots in common and it always intrigues me how styles differ. In Rome I met a great guy who after a few drinks explained his technique using graphite sticks, he even insisted on giving me some to make sure I remembered to order some on my return home. My Venice artist did not speak much English and my Italian is very poor, but even so we managed to chat about our art, here are a few pics to give you a taste of Venice caricatures!

Wokingham Caricaturist gets Caricatured in Venice


It’s great to have sample other artists talents, I always try and support street art as it takes a lot of bottle to draw or paint with a crowd watching.


I often marvel at portrait artists who manage to produce works of art on the street in a relatively short space of time. They not only have the weather to contend with but onlookers who all have  a point of view!


Another artist I met had a fantastic style of capturing just main features for his portraits, he used graphite and charcoal. As with this caricature work, the artist has to ‘fix’ the work when it’s done. Most use hairspray as it’s cheaper than fix spray. This is fine for work outside, but take care if you are in an enclosed space, always make sure you wear a mask and keep the room ventilated.


This shows how late into the night the Venice street vendor works. A license is required to work here but if you sit and draw or paint something and sell it without showing any other work this can be done without a license (according to my portrait artist).


As with Rome drinks are expensive, food varies, you can find cheaper bites if you look, unlike Rome. It’s an enchanting place, I love it and would like to think I will return.