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Caricature Company Presents

I have been working with these great people in London on a regular basis producing caricatures for people who’s contracts have come to an end. I thought I would share some of the more recent caricatures with you.   These are studio based caricatures, so the client sends me a few photos of the person […]

Caricature of my buddy Colin

Getting back into the studio I thought I would sketch in Photoshop from a photo I had of my bud Colin. I chose to keep it mono as I wanted it to look dark. I just used the paintbrush 24 which comes standard in photoshop and started with a grey background, blocking in the darks […]

Birthday Caricature

Another studio caricature created a while ago but kept off the site as it was for a birthday present. This was created with a mix of good old pen and paper then scanned in and coloured up with digital paint.   The feedback was fantastic, the client found it difficult to keep hold of the […]

Cats Caricatures

This is the setup I had for the Cats Protection Charity bash the other weekend. It was pretty good, I was busy most of the time and raised some money for the charity. I was sent a copy of a local paper which featured one of my subjects and caricatures! Don’t know which paper it […]

At last Wokingham caricaturist goes into hiding!

  Well, the last caricature by post was received today in a Bank in Fenchurch Street London, so now I can hang up my tablet pen and go down the pub! With the usual Christmas rush for Caricature Gift items I found myself busy right up to the last minute this year, coupled with the […]

Caricatures for Help the Heroes

What a great Saturday night at the Coppid Beech Hotel where I met some fantastic military sergeants and their partners. The evening went really well and I must have gone through several marker pens with the amount of caricatures I turned out during the evening. I was that busy I didn’t get any time to […]