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Well it’s been incredibly busy both with Live work and studio caricatures, so much so that I have neglected Twitter, Facebook and the blog. So, having just sketched the outline of my next job I am taking 5 mins to at least throw something at the blog pages!

This is a quick ‘live’ style caricature I did of a family from photos. I draw the image first with a Tombo¬†brush pen – Black, I try to vary the line width which is really easy using the brush nib. Once my outline is done I then grab a set of Prismacolor Art Stix – which I can only find in the USA. These are great for laying colour down quickly and you can vary from fine detail using the end or laying on their side and covering huge areas like the background. As this was to be emailed, I scanned the image in and put a solid background in via Photoshop. The original always looks better as the blending of the Prismacolor doesn’t show as well once scanned, but these are the cheapest and quickest versions and fine for a birthday card or in this case Christmas cards.

Caricature by Facebloke of family



This is a set of other recent studio work along with a live gig, this gives you an idea of a day in the life of Facebloke Caricatures


A caricaturist never rests! Just to prove that even on holiday artists never stop, I was on a cruise and relaxing on the Prom deck – for those who don’t know this is a deck which takes on a race track for the people who want to try and hold back the tide on putting on pounds during a cruise. They can be seen in all the latest jogging gear and basically they fast walk around the ship for as many laps as their legs will carry them. Of course I was not walking, but sitting sketching as they went by – practicing my speed drawing. When in front of me came the ultimate in fitness bribery! A lady ran past in all the gear, holding out in front of her a tray which contained a massive jug of Costa and the largest cake I had seen all week! My guess is that she would lap the ship until exhausted whereby she would reward herself with the tray she had finally caught up with!!!!!!