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Iron Lady

Caricature Gifts for Christmas

At this time of year I get a lot of studio caricature work, Secret Santa, Christmas Presents and the like. I offer caricatures from as little as £25, not to bad for something that is very personal and will be kept for years to come.


Pay by credit card – simples!

Whilst working in the studio on these, my mind wanders to other things, being able to take payment at an event by credit card was one! So I now have in front of me a fantastic little gizmo which will allow me to take you payment via credit card. I decided to go for a well known brand Paypal Here, most people would have heard of Paypal. The little unit is the size of a small calculator, it’s paired with my phone. I punch in how much is owed via the phone, hand the Paypal Here unit over and the customer pays by credit card – Simples!


The Office Party

The other thing I am preparing for is the office party, it’s that time of year for people to let their hair down at the office – caricatures are a fun entertainment for such an event. I still have some available nights in December but not many, so if you organise a Christmas do and want something different this year give me a shout!