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Apologies for not updating my post for a while, it’s been mad with weddings and corporate events lately. I’ve introduced technology to sit alongside my traditional pen and paper caricature drawings. I’ve wanted to do this for a while, but having tried the Surface, older Ipad and various other things I’ve never felt the same as I do when drawing on paper. However, after a visit to Apple in the Oracle and playing for the best part of a morning with the new Ipad Pro and Pen – well it’s just a step above and I had to have one.


After much fiddling and drawing I now have specific brushes which are similar to my traditional pens. Happy with the results I’ve done a couple of events and they seem to be well received :) When working live with Ipad Pro, I take a wireless printer with me so each person gets a postcard size picture but I can also hook up to a large screen so people can watch me draw. The beauty with tech though is that I also upload all the images to the cloud, provide guests with a link and they can go along and download the image digitally – so it doesn’t matter if you spill beer on your hard copy as the original is always available to download.


Below are a few examples of my black and white / colour Ipad Pro styles and here is a link if you want to see a video of Ipad Pro Sketching – Just me doing some evening practice sketches :-






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