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Just completed a studio caricature for an RSM who is moving to another post. I enjoy these studio caricatures, it allows me to build in elements special to the person and makes it specific to them. I get regular work from the armed forces, another favourite is when someone leaves a Squadron they get me to caricature the group and then they gift it to the Squadron – some of my work done many years ago is still hanging on the wall providing a fun memoir.

facebloke caricature

The country gent


The good thing about studio caricature work is it can come from all over the country, I work from photographs which are emailed to me so you can live anywhere! Along with some corporate companies I also caricature for some banks.


This week I have another Army caricature, a Squadron group caricature and a leaver from a corporate business – will update with the end results later, but only after they have been presented.