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Wedding Caricatures in Berkshire by face bloke

Great fun for everyone and I draw a crowd

Weddings are great fun for me, everyone is having a good time from young to old. This wedding which was very recent had a great mix of customers wanting their caricatures done. I really enjoy caricaturing at weddings because there is a real mix of ages from the kids to grandparents! Quite often I get Grandpa and the kids wanting to be on the same page, I think this is great and something they can take away and remember the great day by, along with all the other photos and memories.


My intention is that everyone goes away happy with their picture, many people scan them and use them on Facebook. ┬áIt’s a unique gift and a great way to gather a crowd of people together for a fun time.


Sorry about the quality of the images, it was a quick photo with my iphone before the next in the queue!