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What a week, did a fantastic private party at Banca, a superb Italian restaurant in London around the corner from Selfridges. The restaurant was closed to the public and was a fantastic venue for some fun caricatures. As I got there early I took the opportunity of popping in to Selfridges, with the recent tv show creating such a stir I must say when you see it for real it’s much much bigger in real life! I refrained from purchasing a several thousand pound mobile phone and moved on to the private party but not until I had photographed Mr Selfridge made of sweets!


Whatever the event I just love caricaturing, it doesn’t seem to matter whether the customers are old, young, rich or poor the drawings go down well and it seems to captivate the audience. So many people say to me ‘ I used to love art’, strange why so many who loved drawing and sketching as a child give it up and never take it up again even though they were so passionate about it! Did I see anyone famous – perhaps!

Just round the corner from my caricaturing private party


facebloke caricatures in London

Facebloke at private event near Selfridges