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What a great charity night we had at the Jack O’Newbury in Binfield Saturday Night. Great live music, fantastic food and a really great group of people enjoying the entertainment. They had set me up on the patio just by the front door with lighting and a table, it worked really well and with the weather warm and almost like a summer eve I was set to draw as many people as possible all for charity.


This is a picture of a great character who just heckled everyone as I caricatured them – then it was his turn so I added a blue shirt as I heard he wasn’t keen on Chelsea 😉

Facebloke Caricature in Binfield Pub


I really enjoyed the evening and managed to raise over £150 for the chosen charity.


I must say the Jack O’Newbury will be on my list to visit, what a fantastic atmosphere – and thanks to the staff including my old friend Terry who I hadn’t seen for over 10 years for keeping me hydrated!!!!!!