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The Artsbar Wokingham – Great name for a place where a caricaturist should hang out!

Caricaturist in the Artsbar Wokingham, Berkshire

Me in the middle of some happy caricature clients

Friday night in the Artsbar Wokingham was a lively event, I did caricatures for members of staff, their friends and some very cool customers and clients that were in on Friday night.

The evening was great fun, everyone enjoyed seeing me doodle and creating caricatures that they could take home at the end of the night. It’s funny how many people initially say ‘I don’t want mine done’ but then when they see me drawing others they realise I am not poking fun but getting a likeness and making it amusing, they change their minds and jump to the front of the queue. I was told by several people on the night that they intended to get a frame so they could hang their new

Don’t be shy – book me for your event, everyone will have a good time and people go home with something to keep from the evening.